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Risk Management

Keep your business secure

In an age where the threat of online fraud is constant, the online merchant requires tools enabling them to know who the customers are, keeping the risk of chargebacks to a minimum. This is why our Fraud and Security tools satisfies all established security standards and provides merchants with the peace of mind needed to remain focused on growing their business. With hundreds of checks integrated, the merchant is safe in the knowledge that only the best traffic is being processed, Minimise security risks and keep your business secure and profitable.

Internal Risk Tools

Internal Risk Rules

These suites tend to analyse transactions before they are fully processed, thus allowing them to flag or even reject a pending order. They incorporate features such as:

  • Blacklists and Whitelists: Block banned countries and unwanted shoppers to prevent fraud.
  • Geo IP Location:Verify the IP address of the shopper’s device and monitor geographic data.
  • Velocity Checks: Control transaction traffic on your website with velocity checks.
  • Transaction Restriction: Configure Minimum and Maximum ammount
  • Device Fingerprinting: Identify the customers and the fraudsters by creating a single profile for every device.


All compliance and regulation taken care of including PCI DSS and PSD2


Carry out payment data validation checks with confidence


PCI-DSS compliant capability to store sensitive information

External Risk Tools

External Risk Rules

You can also integrate third party risk management solutions, either to complement the assessment by Internal Tools or to fully outsource your risk assessment.

  • 3D Secure: Liability in the event of card misuse is taken on by the issuing bank. We support both 3DS 2.0 and 1.0.
  • Address Verification Service: Make sure that cardholders are using a card that they have the right to use
  • Specialized fraud tools: Integrate Kount, ReD, Ethoca and ThreatMetrix, either to complement or to fully outsource your risk assessment.

Need Secure Online Payments?

We enable merchants to accept online and mobile payments from buyers worldwide.

Established in 2001. AllSecure became a global Payment Service Provider dedicated to providing tailor-made online payment solutions that solve issues and suite the requirements of its clients.
Our PCI DSS Level 1 payment gateway processes in multiple market and currencies through single platform in a smart and cost-effective way. The aim is to optimize the clients’ payment solutions using the best gateway technologies, world class acquires along with our in-depth payment knowledge and professional services.

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